Seeking Real-time Data Collection, Analysis and Notification Solutions for Emergency Response and Maintenance Systems


ADNOC is seeking innovative solutions to tap into Ruwais City’s existing real-time data collection tools and leverage findings to improve public services and quality of life for residents. ADNOC is also seeking to use such data to help optimize the workforce demand required for providing related services. 



In addition to the findings obtained from ADNOC’s existing real-time data collection tools (e.g., video cameras, imagery, etc.), the solution may include additional devices (audio/visual/IR sensors) or digital innovation, such as virtual sensors, sensor fusion, ambient sound analytics, etc. or any combination of these.

Since these systems are operational throughout the day, unlike a human, they do not suffer from human errors or fatigue. They are able to provide 24/7 continuous monitoring of the environment and public places. To this end, the solution should include a digital platform with real-time notifications for relevant departments within ADNOC and/or relevant government authorities providing associated public services.

The platform should allow residents to upload images which can enhance or expedite emergency response and infrastructure maintenance processses.

The solution should also make provisions that allow the system to be integrated with existing Ruwais digital solutions that are already being used to generate notifications and alerts. It is expected that such a system will help to optimize the operations workforce demand.     

Solutions should strive to minimize payback period and maximize ROI.

Upon successful test-bedding, ADNOC will be keen to roll out this solution for city-wide implementation.

Development Timeframe

A three phase approach will be adopted. For this challenge.

•    Phase 1: Selection of proposals
•    Phase 2: Prototype + Testbed on an existing street
•    Phase 3: Implement a small-scale trial (at neighborhood level) before ADNOC decides on scaling-up 
                      the solution


Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge



Proposal submissions are open from 6 May 2021 12:00PM to 29 Jul 2021 04:00PM